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Я не боюсь сказать даже Президенту моей страны, что со мной так нельзя. Я хочу и буду жить in peace and respect. https://vk.com/talli.stojadinovic

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    Twaddle : Early Aerial Photography: Cameras on Pigeons in 1907

    I think, it would be interesting to everyone, who enjoys photography.

    These days there are plenty of opportunities to take interesting photographs from unusual angles, including strapping tiny digital cameras to birds. But some early aerial photography was rather more clunky—and used massive cameras strapped to the breasts of pigeons.

    In fact, the whole concept was pioneered by a German photographer named Julius Neubronner. From a Wikipedia article describing his early work:

    Neubronner began the development of a light miniature camera that could be fitted to a pigeon's breast by means of a harness and an aluminum cuirass.

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    Twaddle : Do you care for the children?

    Today is international children's day. That's why I decided to write a couple of words about it.

    Beyond no doubts children are our future. They are innocent flowers that color our life. Unfortunately, too often we don't pay attention to this fact.  It's difficult to imagine how much love, care, responsiveness they need. But, alas! Just not many people are capable of it. 

    Let's be more attentive to children! 

     I like to photograph them. Children are lightless light  that permeates all around.

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    Twaddle : The World Treasure-Houses

    I heard there was All Russian Library Day yesterday. So I'd like to show you The 35 Most Amazing Libraries In The World.

    1. Library of Congress, Washington D.C.

    The Library of Congress is essentially the national library of the United States and the oldest federal cultural institution in the US. The library consists of three different buildings and is the largest library in the world as measured by shelf space and number of volumes. The library is open to the public, but as the research institution of Congress only members of Congress (and Supreme Court justices and certain other government officials) may check out books.

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